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selectro's Journal

dig that street beat
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we represent retro trash / electro clash.

this is an open community. you are welcome to do whatever you want as long as it has something to do with the electro movement. recommend music, post pictures, link to cool sights, seriously. do whatever. go nuts. in fact, you dont even have to be a member. thats how cool this community is.

in addition:

please do not use the name "selectro" in any shape or form on anything you may use or make. this name is copywritten to me, as i am in the process of publishing a zine using this name to document the chicago electro scene. sorry to sound like a jerky, but, im pretty serious. also, dont be a dick. everyone can understand that. dont steal other peoples stuff & say its yours. dont commit bandwidth theft. dont post pictures that are really ridiculously huge. please avoid talking in L33t 4realz. everyone here is going to be cool as hell tho, right? so we dont even have to worry about that stuff.

my name is leah.
i also run digital_love.(its a video game savvy girl empowered whatever. inactive but fun when something does go on.)

my main journal is located at catanoia
feel free to yell at me. altho, its friends only and non-registered users cant comment, so. yeah.

anyway. join.
we love you.

"that is fuckin' badass."